04 February 2014

Open content licensing for educators

I'm about to begin a micro open online course (mOOC), Open Content Licensing for Educators - my first online-only learning programme; and this is the first time I'll be using my blog to support my learning - after many years helping others to do it.

I've had this blog for three or maybe even more years. There are two things I'd do differently if I could go back in time: I wouldn't use Blogger and I'd commit to writing regularly. The first thing isn't an option really - moving anywhere else would mean leaving behind the content. The second one ... I imagine writing a short post on Friday afternoon is doable. I'll give a shot after the course is over.

For me blogging has two main aspects - reflective practice and creating a repository of wisdom and experience I (we all) generate; I return to this repository quite regularly when need to fish out from there something useful for sharing, discussing or refreshing in my mind. I'm less inclined to think blogs are fit for creating/supporting communities, unless these are distributed and loose communities.

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  1. Greetings Ihar - glad you could join us. The librarian profession is mission critical in our OER journey working towards building an open ecosystem for mainstream adoption in formal education.