15 November 2009

About RSS feeds and reading each other's blogs

How do you read each other's blogs? I use Google Reader which works beautifully with Blogger where the most of our blogs have been created. It supports commenting and sharing functions without you having to go to each blog separately. Great for keeping all the blogs together and saving time.

For years I have been using Bloglines to read my RSS feeds, but recently it became quite annoying - it cannot recognise quite a lot of RSS addresses. Safari and Mail (on Apple Mac) render those feeds perfectly. I have been reluctant to use computer applications for reading news as I use a number of computers at work + travel often, so Bloglines used to be a perfect choice for keeping all my RSS subscribtions "with me". Not any more, and what a pity!

What are RSS feeds? Here is what I wrote few years ago when created a website for a friend of mine:

RSS, which stands for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication – opinions differ, is a comparatively new, but already widely used way of publishing, reading and sharing news on the internet. RSS feed is like a notice board on which the publisher leaves announcements of new items available for reading.

The beauty of using an RSS reader – a piece of software allowing to read these notes – is its ability to gather notes from as many RSS feeds as you have chosen and deliver them to you when you wish. If you like any of them, you click on the link which takes you to the full story. Arguably, it saves you a lot of time as, instead of browsing from one website to another searching for news or opening ten different email updates, you deal only with one media created according to your requirements.

There are many free RSS readers; some of them work as standalone software, others would integrate themselves into your browser or e-mail client. For a free and simple RSS service requiring no software downloads check, e.g. bloglines.com.

Well, and here I'll add - Google Reader is another good option. How to recognise where RSS feeds are? They are usualy indicated by an orange button (see on the left hand menu of my blog) which may look different depending on the web author's taste. Give it a go, RSS save lots of time!

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