15 November 2009

PinkladyC's moment of fame

Leicester Mercury published an article about campaign for better support of kinship carers - people caring for the children of family or friends. It mentions one of our 2+2 Early Years students, Sandy Chamberlain. Well done! It's so great when what we are interested in and are passionate about materialise in many different facets - personal life, education, job, hobbies, voluntary work!


  1. I became passionate about Kinship care when a few months agao i gave up my job to care for my 2 nieces, on the back of that i started the course. I have come so far on this journey already and attended a MP lobby day in Westminster, have raised awareness in the paper, have been invited to join a fostering comittee in Leicester and im off to London again on Thursday for 'The First National conference' with the 'family rights group' x

  2. It's so impressive, Sandy! You are making the world better :)